Boilermakers Lodge No. 5 – ZONE 175 (Oswego)

Union Information:
Boilermakers Lodge 5 – Zone 175 Oswego
Lodge No. 175 Intl. Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers & Helpers
28 W. Bridge Street, Oswego, NY 13126
Gregory Peterson, Asst. Business Manager
P: 315-343-3821 F: 315-343-3563

Association or Management Contact
Northeastern States Boilermakers c/o Thomas O’Connor Co., Inc.
PO Box 269, Canton, MA 02021
Thomas O’Connor
P: 617-364-9000

Geographical Jurisdiction
Counties of Cayuga, Clinton, Cortland, Franklin, Jefferson, Lewis, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga, Oswego, St. Lawrence, Seneca, Tompkins

Wage Rates and Effective Dates: 1/1/15
Journeyman 29.63
Assistant Foreman 31.38
Foreman 33.63
General Foreman – negotiated (not less than +6.00)

Fringe Benefits, Contributions and Deductions:
Health & Welfare 6.97/hr paid
Annuity 3.00/hr paid
Pension 13.75/hr paid
Apprentice Training .90/hr worked
MOST* .34/hr worked
Field Dues Check-Off (deduct) (6.35%) of gross wages
*MOST – Manpower Optimization, Stabilization & Training Programs

Fringe Payments and Reports
Pension, Welfare and Apprentice Training Mailed to: Brotherhood State Bank Boilermakers Pension & Trust Fund, 756 Minnesota Avenue, Kansas City, MO 66101
Dues mailed to: Local Union Office

1 ½ last 2 hours of overtime Mon-Fri and 1 ½ first 10 hours on Saturday 2X after first 10 hours Mon-Sat 2X Sundays and Holidays
Different provisions under maintenance Agreement or Project Agreement

Work Day, Week
8 hours day, 40 hours per week, Monday – Friday. Emergency Repair Work – See Contract for Provisions

Paid Holidays
Observed Holidays – New Year’s Day/Decoration Day/Independence Day/Labor Day/Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. In addition, Lodge 175 has Washington’s Birthday, Columbus Day and Veterans Day.

0-25 mi – Free
25-45 mi – 10.00
45-60 mi – 25.00
Over 60 mi – 35.00

Reporting Pay
Man starting to work or called to work after starting time: minimum 4 hours pay; if works after meal, full day’s pay; this also applies to men who work and are laid off because of completion of work.
When employee reports and does not start: 2 hours pay

If employee reports and laid-off because of bad weather, breakdown of machinery or other cause beyond control of the employer, min 2 hours pay. Min 4 hours pay if started work, actual hours worked after 4 hours. To qualify for reporting pay, employee must wait on job for period he is receiving pay.

Shift Work
1st shift 7am start – 8 hours work for 8 hours pay
2nd shift 3:30pm start – 7 ½ hours work for 8 hours pay +1.00/hour
3rd shift – 11:30pm start – 7 hours work for 8 hours pay +1.00/hour
New work less than 5 days duration – 2
nd shift +.50 straight time/3rd shift +1.00 straight time
May change starting times by mutual agreement – Union Representative and Employer
May work 4 10’s Mon-Thurs by mutual agreement – Union Representative and Employer

Foreman on every job. Asst’t Foreman after first 15 men; thereafter as deemed necessary by employer. When 8 or less men on job, foreman may work with tools; where 9 or more, supervisory only.

Apprentice Information Pension Annuity *php - per hour paid
1st Year 65% of rate (18.85) 8.84 php 1.95 php
2nd Year
1st 6 months 70% of rate (20.30) 9.63 2.10
2nd 6 months 75% of rate (21.75) 10.31 2.25
3rd Year
1st 6 months 80% of rate (23.20) 10.99 2.40
2nd 6 months 85% of rate (24.65) 11.69 2.55
4th Year
1st 6 months 90% of rate (26.10) 12.39 2.70
2nd 6 months 95% of rate (27.55) 13.07 2.85

Special Provisions
Separate Maintenance Contract Available
Restrictions on subcontracting – See Contract
NCA-BCTD Work Rules Agreement, 6/1/73, will apply on all projects where said rules are enforced uniformly on project.
Referral procedure
Steward – last man laid off with proper Union notification