Membership Application

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We hereby apply for membership in the Construction Employers Association of Central New York, Inc. (CEA).

It is understood and agreed that upon approval of this application by the Board of Directors, the CEA shall become the sole and exclusive agent of the applicant in collective bargaining negotiations and grievance procedures with those Unions which the applicant chooses to designate.

It is further understood that no member of the CEA may resign during the period beginning ninety (90) days prior to the expiration date of a collective bargaining agreement between CEA and a Union whose members are employed by such member.

Please indicate by clicking the checkbox on any of the following construction trades that you wish to designate CEA to act in your behalf as your firm's sole and exclusive agent for the purpose of collective bargaining negotiations and grievance procedures.

It is also understood and agreed that, upon approval of this application, the applicant shall become a party to the collective bargaining agreements between the CEA and those Unions which the applicant has designated.