Labor Management

For generations, signatory union contractors and construction union officials have gathered together to address issues of mutual importance which impact the regional construction industry. Joint labor-management meetings are held with each individual trade union, with signatory employers and labor leaders meeting periodically throughout the year as necessary.

The labor-management meetings are not negotiating meetings; however, labor-management meetings generally touch upon matters which may be discussed at the bargaining table. State or local Agencies may send a representative to labor-management meetings in an effort to address a topic where assistance or an opinion from a governmental authority is required.

CEA CNY welcomes all signatory employers to participate in our many labor-management meetings during the year as the meetings are open to CEA member firms and non-member firms alike.

To learn more about labor-management meetings or how your company may participate, please contact CEA CNY Executive Director Earl R. Hall at (315) 437-3717 or