Safety Training

Stay SafeProviding union construction employees and union contractors with a wide variety of safety training courses and instructors remains an important service CEA CNY provides to the construction industry.

Since 1996, the CEA CNY has maintained a very strong interest in offering free safety training classes in an effort to mitigate work place injuries and fatalities. With the support of the New York State Department of Labor’s Hazard Abatement Board, the CEA CNY has secured safety training grants over the years which supports the Association’s safety training program. Over the past 19 years, the CEA CNY, through the Association’s join Labor-Management Safety Committee and the NYS DOL Hazard Abatement Board, has allocated over $3 million in free safety training to tens of thousands of union employees and over one hundred union contractors across upstate New York.

The Association takes great pride in maintaining our position as the region’s leader in union employee and union employer safety training programs and initiatives. No other regional Association has committed the resources to the industry to support mitigating and preventing work place injuries and fatalities like the CEA CNY. Thanks to the efforts of our staff and various industry partners, including the NYS DOL Hazard Abatement Board, the CEA CNY is well positioned to continue delivering vital safety training offerings to union training funds, union employees and union contractors.

To learn more about the Association’s safety training program or how your company or union may benefit from free safety training, please contact Elizabeth Conrad at (315) 437-3717 or